Senin, 14 Januari 2013


A scratch of ballpoint pen for  friendship
3 years ago begun of difference
to be something a meeting, so beautiful and diffult to forget
Now, that feel more strong

My hand, your hand hold on tight 
And say,” I love you my bestfriend ”.
Highs and lows of life, we  passed together
To laugh and joke together
Became angry and get punishment by teacher  we passed together

And we make promise to graduate
I think, that is bestfriend
But, all of it didn’t beautiful as in imagination
A  dream not sure, dream wouldn’t realized

Now, just crying and feel loss
Smile from we were not as beautiful last,
As a moment  with you
Like the moon loss the stars

We just to said,” I LOVE YOU BESTFRIEND “
Good bye bro, I hope you calm in palace
Laugh and joke from you,
Will be to remember together brother...

Minggu, 13 Januari 2013

Synopsis of Perahu Kertas

The story begins with Keenan, a young man who had graduated from high school, while six years living in Amsterdam with his grandmother. Keenan has a very strong talent to paint, and he had no other desire than to be a painter, but his covenant with his father forced him to leave Amsterdam and returned to Indonesia to study. Keenan received a lecture in London, at the Faculty Economi. In  other side, Kugy, unique inclined girl, who also be studying the same university with Keenan. Since childhood, Kugy do love fable. Not just a collection and got a reading garden, he also likes to write fable. Her direction is only to be a storyteller. However Kugy aware that fable not professional writers convincing and easily accepted environment. Do not want to be separated from the world of writing, Kugy then continue her studies at the Faculty of Literature. Kugy and Keenan met by  Eko and Noni. Eko is a cousin Keenan, while Noni is Kugy friend since childhood. Noni exception, they all moved from Jakarta, and then enrolled at the same university in Bandung. Finally, they to be best friend.

Gradually, Kugy and Keenan,they had admiring to each other, begin to transformation experience.  Quietly, without have chance to say each other about love. However, the current environment does not allow the department. Kugy already had a boyfriend, a handsome man named Joshua, Ojos (call arbitrarily created by Kugy). While Keenan then coupled by Noni and Eko with a young curator named Wanda. Friendship of four best friend  began to spacious. Kugy then drowned himself in a new activity, which is a volunteer teacher at the school named Sakola Alit. It was there that she met Pilik, the naughty student. Pilik and his friends managed to conquer it by writing a fable about the adventures of their own, which he entitled: General Pilik and Alit Forces. Kugy write stories about her students almost every day in a notebook, which he later gave to Keenan.

Nearness between  Keenan and Wanda began to change. Keenan made aware in a surprising that dreams during the time he woke up had run aground overnight. Who broken  heart, Keenan leaving his life in Bandung, his family in Jakarta. He then went to Ubud, stay at home mother's best friend, Pak Wayan. The days with Pak Wayan’s family, who all famous artists in Bali, start to treat live injury Keenan that slowly. The most influential figure in recovery is Luhde Laksmi, nephew Pak Wayan. Keenan began to paint again. That provisions stories Army General Pilik and sakola Alit, Given kugy for him, Keenan created a series of paintings that became famous and sought by collectors. 
Kugy, felt  miss her friends and  alone in Bandung, rearranging her life. He graduated college as soon as possible and directly work in an advertising agency in Jakarta as a copywriter. There, she met with Remigius, her boss and friend brother. Kugy worked his way unexpected. Their thinking is magical and completely spontaneous make it skyrocketed to be taken into account in the office. But Remi see something else. He likes Kugy not only because of her ideas, but also the spirit and the unique qualities that always radiates from Kugy. And Remi finally had to admit that he began to fall in love. Conversely, sincerity Remi also ultimately heartbreaking Kugy. Unfortunately, Keenan can not forever stay in Bali. Due to the deteriorating health condition of his father, Keenan was forced to return to Jakarta, runs the company his family because he had no other choice. 

The meeting between Kugy and Keenan inevitable. Even four the people met again. Everything that has different conditions. And again, their hearts tested. The story of love and friendship over the past five years ended with a surprise for everyone. Finally, every heart can only be re-surrender to the flow of love flowing somewhere. As paper boats are swept away in the trenches, in the pond, at times, on the river, but it always boils down to the same place. Although sometimes bitter, hurt, and doubt, but the real heart always knows.

The Biography of Muriel Spark

Muriel Spark was born February 1, 1918, in Edinburgh, Scotland. She wrote poetry and worked at various editing jobs during the late 1930s and through the 1940s. In the mid-1950s, Spark became interested in Cardinal Newman’s writing on Catholicism, with an English Presbyterian mother and a jewish father, Spark felt somehow at a theological loss, Catholicism seemed to ofter her a spesific location or frame of reference, and she converted in 1954.
During the 1950s, Spark edited letters of the Brontes and co-edited letters of Mary Shelley and John Henry Newman. Her first novel, “ the Comportes ” appeared in 1957. Along with collections of short stories and poems, Spark published four more novels before she brought out her most famous novel, “ The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie “, which first appeared in the New Yorker. This novel was published in England in 1961 and in the United States in 1962. Later, it was made into a play and then into a movie. Spark continued writing novels into the 1980s, often dealing with themes connected to religius conversation. Her 1981 novel, Loitering with Intent, deals with problems connected to autobiography and biography.
Muriel Spark lived in Central Africa during the years leading up to World War II. During that war, she resided in England and worked for the Foreign Office. Ultimately she settled in Italy. She was married and divorced and had one child, a son. Finally she was die April 13, 2006, in Florence, Tuscany, Italy.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

In her 1961 novel, “ The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie”, Muriel Spark brings to life an eccentric, egocentric, and charming teacher in a private. Edinburgh school during the 1930s. Miss Brodie’s six students, known collectively as “ the Brodie set,” move through the grades. Miss Brodie sabotages school curriculum as the grandstands her own passions, both personal and academic. She colludes with her students regarding her status in the school and trouble she has with the headmistress. Miss Brodie is memorable for these students, recalled in their later lives, as repeated flash-forwards reveal.
Indeed, it’s putting this 1930s story in personal and historical perspective that some of its darker meaning emerges. In the pre-world war II days, autocratic, orderly, and foolish Miss Brodie is infatuated with Mussolini and Hitler. Inclined to think of herself as European, Miss Brodie praises fascims, her very taste for it a sign of her cultivation. Deluded by the appeal of absolute domination, with its apparent order and efficiency, Miss Brodie forgets that each person, however low and powerless, is a human being with rights. In her ridicule of Mary Macgregor, in her irresponsible direction to joyce Emily Hammond to go off and fight for Franco and in her attempt to sexually manipulate Rose Stanley, Miss Brodie sets morality aside and denies the humanity of her students. Mary’s death in a fire in 1943 connects this denial to the greater obscenity occuring at the same time on the Continent in the death camps. In sum, readers are at first charmed and amused and then jolted into pondering the serious, indeed dangerous, side of this nostalgic portrait of the 1930s and pubescent childhood.

Sabtu, 12 Januari 2013


Dad, yaa dad
A man half age
Who very loved his family
Dad, more give precedence to importance his child
Dad is always want to make his child happiness
He very clever to hide his weariness,
He who all inedequacy for all dream that unlimited of his children.
He is strong, hardened to confront cruelty world,
A dad is that not to discernible love from him
He always to hide love, flipped of softness from Mom.
His longing always to hide flipped of his persistence.
And he only say,
 “ I only have science that I bequeath to you, and I haven’t wealth for you’re happiness my child”.
And he to teach me  simplicity in life.
And I do love him.

Kamis, 10 Januari 2013


Long time ago around the riverbank of sambas to stand a kingdom. The story begun when a baby was found by a nobleman in sprout when it was pared. Nobleman named the baby Tan Unggal which was meant having one tooth. Tan Unggal grew up fast. He was very strong and undefeatable. He became a cruel king in Sambas regency who had two children. His son named Bujang Nadi and His daughter named Dare Nandung.
 One day, they talked to each other in park of the palace. Bujang Nadi said “ I will not married if I do not meet a mate as beautiful as you”.   So do I, my brother, I will not get married if I do not meet a mate as handsome as you”. Dare Nandung continued. This conversation was heard by a Tan Unggal’s sentinel. His sentinel told to Tan Unggal that his children loved each other. Without any consideration, after hearing the information, he punished Bujang Nadi and Dare Nandung by burying them alive in one grave in somewhere around Sebedang lake. Their funeral was completed with the household that made of gold and a cock which were inserted in their grave, as the sign whether they were still alive or dead.
Tan Unggal was very cruel not only towards his children but also his people. Many offenders were condemned to die by Tan Unggal in his age rule. Moreover. No one could critize him. He would consider it as rebellion as bad as possible, because of his cruelty his people evolved a bis plan to topple Tan Unggal. The people knew that Tan Unggal was Strong King. But the people’s brain was also strong. The people deceived  Tan Unggal by telling Tan Unggal that Majapahit troop would attack Sambas with their massive number. Tan Unggal was very afraid of this information. He asked for advice how to avoid facing Majapahit troop. First, he planned to go away from his kingdom, but the people said, “ Don’t do that my lord, our region was surrounded by their troop”. “ it’s very imposible to escape”. The people continued. Finally, he decided to hide in a steel coffin. The people said that they would hide the coffin in somewhere so that it would not be found by Majapahit troop. And then the people locked him in the coffin and sank it in deep river. Before sinking, Tan Unggal swore, he said,” those who do not ask for permission when passing this river will be sunk”.
After his death, the people were indenpendent and free from king’s cruelty. Unfortunately, many peculiar events happened somewhere around Sebedang lake where Bujang Nadi and Dare Nandung was buried. Yhe villagers often heared crowing cock in midnight an at the center of the lake. Not only that, sometimes, the left remaining damnation of Tan Unggal became real. Many boats and small ships were sunk right in the place where Tan Unggal drowned down. This  accident will occur on these who do not ask for permission from Tan Unggal. So, if they want to pass that river they will say “ Oh, my lord, Tan Unggal, I want to ask for permission to pass this river.

The Fox and The Goat

Once a time in forest  affected by dryness. Water thah usually to flow in river done dry now.
Tree haven’t to bear fruit and dead because dryness, animal who life in forest also dead.
 In there only live two best friend are fox and goat, they look for water anywhere until the fox see a well. And he can’t can’t to go out of well. The fox shout asking goat, “ Goat, goat can you hear my voice”?. Yes, what’s up? I can’t too deep to jump out.
goat saw him and asked,” what he was doing”? fox replied he was drinking the water.
Ooh,! I’m very tired and thirsty say the goat and goat jumped into drink too, they to try go out of well, fox jumped on goat’s back use on his horns. He escaped and he did not stop to pull goat out.

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