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Synopsis of Perahu Kertas

The story begins with Keenan, a young man who had graduated from high school, while six years living in Amsterdam with his grandmother. Keenan has a very strong talent to paint, and he had no other desire than to be a painter, but his covenant with his father forced him to leave Amsterdam and returned to Indonesia to study. Keenan received a lecture in London, at the Faculty Economi. In  other side, Kugy, unique inclined girl, who also be studying the same university with Keenan. Since childhood, Kugy do love fable. Not just a collection and got a reading garden, he also likes to write fable. Her direction is only to be a storyteller. However Kugy aware that fable not professional writers convincing and easily accepted environment. Do not want to be separated from the world of writing, Kugy then continue her studies at the Faculty of Literature. Kugy and Keenan met by  Eko and Noni. Eko is a cousin Keenan, while Noni is Kugy friend since childhood. Noni exception, they all moved from Jakarta, and then enrolled at the same university in Bandung. Finally, they to be best friend.

Gradually, Kugy and Keenan,they had admiring to each other, begin to transformation experience.  Quietly, without have chance to say each other about love. However, the current environment does not allow the department. Kugy already had a boyfriend, a handsome man named Joshua, Ojos (call arbitrarily created by Kugy). While Keenan then coupled by Noni and Eko with a young curator named Wanda. Friendship of four best friend  began to spacious. Kugy then drowned himself in a new activity, which is a volunteer teacher at the school named Sakola Alit. It was there that she met Pilik, the naughty student. Pilik and his friends managed to conquer it by writing a fable about the adventures of their own, which he entitled: General Pilik and Alit Forces. Kugy write stories about her students almost every day in a notebook, which he later gave to Keenan.

Nearness between  Keenan and Wanda began to change. Keenan made aware in a surprising that dreams during the time he woke up had run aground overnight. Who broken  heart, Keenan leaving his life in Bandung, his family in Jakarta. He then went to Ubud, stay at home mother's best friend, Pak Wayan. The days with Pak Wayan’s family, who all famous artists in Bali, start to treat live injury Keenan that slowly. The most influential figure in recovery is Luhde Laksmi, nephew Pak Wayan. Keenan began to paint again. That provisions stories Army General Pilik and sakola Alit, Given kugy for him, Keenan created a series of paintings that became famous and sought by collectors. 
Kugy, felt  miss her friends and  alone in Bandung, rearranging her life. He graduated college as soon as possible and directly work in an advertising agency in Jakarta as a copywriter. There, she met with Remigius, her boss and friend brother. Kugy worked his way unexpected. Their thinking is magical and completely spontaneous make it skyrocketed to be taken into account in the office. But Remi see something else. He likes Kugy not only because of her ideas, but also the spirit and the unique qualities that always radiates from Kugy. And Remi finally had to admit that he began to fall in love. Conversely, sincerity Remi also ultimately heartbreaking Kugy. Unfortunately, Keenan can not forever stay in Bali. Due to the deteriorating health condition of his father, Keenan was forced to return to Jakarta, runs the company his family because he had no other choice. 

The meeting between Kugy and Keenan inevitable. Even four the people met again. Everything that has different conditions. And again, their hearts tested. The story of love and friendship over the past five years ended with a surprise for everyone. Finally, every heart can only be re-surrender to the flow of love flowing somewhere. As paper boats are swept away in the trenches, in the pond, at times, on the river, but it always boils down to the same place. Although sometimes bitter, hurt, and doubt, but the real heart always knows.

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Jevin Tamio mengatakan...

mending di ringkas pake bahasa indo aja deh ini sih ancur bgt grammanya sm sentence structure nya. Lain kali klo gabsa english jgn dipaksa bu.

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